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ims-ms-channel-specific options: DEBUG (integer)

The DEBUG ims-ms-channel-specific option can take values between 0, the default, up to 4; increasing values mean increasing amounts of debug output being written to the imta log file. The default of 0 means no debugging information. A value of 3 or more causes inclusion of information about the numbers of messages waiting and numbers of threads in use, and whether more threads must be started, and will also cause output when a thread exits, and if a shutdown request has been received. A value of 4 or more causes debug output regarding which message is currently being processed (specifically, the envelope From address for the current message), and debugging that such a message has been successfully delivered.

The debug output from setting DEBUG is normally directed to the imta file (not the ims-ms_master.log-* file), but will only be actually written to imta if the loglevel option for the MTA (in legacy configuration, the logfile.imta.loglevel configutil parameter) is set to the value debug. (And potentially, if the syslogfacility option is set -- logfile.imta.syslogfacility configutil parameter in legacy configuration -- then the output is instead directed to syslog.)

Setting the master_debug channel option on an ims-ms channel also forces a DEBUG=4 level setting. master_debug itself will cause additional output, to a different log file, than the DEBUG ims-ms-channel-specific option; master_debug causes MTA processing debug output to be written to a channel-name_master.log-* file, normally an ims-ms_master.log-* file.

As of MS 6.2, see also the activate Message Trace option, which if set to yes will cause Message Store message tracing information to be written to the msgtrace file.

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