DEQUEUE_ACCESS mapping table

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New in is the DEQUEUE_ACCESS mapping table, which is consulted at the beginning of message dequeue processing.

The default probe for the DEQUEUE_ACCESS mapping is of the form:


where channel is the channel from which the message is being dequeued, filename is the full file name of the message, queue-time is the approximate time in seconds that the message has been in the queue (or -1 if that value cannot be determined), envelope-from is the envelope From address for this message, auth-parameter is the unencoded value of any MAIL FROM AUTH= parameter associated with the message, auth-sender is the mail address associated with any authentication identity used to submit the message, priority is the MT-priority value for the message, and domain is the DNS name of the server to which the message is to be sent. Note that the mapping_paranoia MTA option, if set, will cause any vertical bar characters that would have been in the envelope-from, auth-parameter, auth-sender, or domain fields to be replaced by the specified character.

As of MS, the $R input flag will be set if the message is being accessed in read-only mode by a utility such as imsimta qm.

If bit 11, value 4096, of the include_conversiontag MTA option is set the probe changes to include the conversion tag for the message:


New in MS, if bit 1, value 2, of the include_retries MTA option is set the probe changes to include the count of previous retries for the message:


If $N is set by the mapping the current dequeue action is aborted without incrementing the retry count. If $S is also set a new backoff time in seconds, expressed as an integer, is read from the mapping result string.

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