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TCP/IP-channel-specific options: DISABLE_GENERAL (0 or 1)

The MTA's SMTP server implements a private command XGEN. This command returns status information about whether a compiled configuration and compiled character set are in use. Releasing such information may constitute a breach of security for some sites. Setting the SMTP server option DISABLE_GENERAL to 1 disables the XGEN command, so that the MTA responds with

550 5.7.0 XGEN command has been disabled. 

to any XGEN command. The default is 0, which enables the XGEN command. In 8.0, the default has changed to 1, disabling the XGEN command.

SMTP server probes of the PORT_ACCESS mapping table can enable use of XGEN (overriding a more general DISABLE_GENERAL=0 setting) for connections from particular source IPs (e.g., the host itself,, and particular administrator systems) via the (new in Messaging Server 7.0) $V flag.

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