DavUniqueId LDAP Attribute

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directory string (UTF-8), single-valued


This attribute can be used to specify a globally unique ID for any LDAP entry. The attribute is recommended to be used as the value for the Calendar Server davcore.uriinfo.permanentuniqueid configuration parameter. The populate-davuniqueid tool sets this attribute. For more information on setting the davUniqueId value, see populate-davuniqueid Usage.

In the Calendar Server data base, the unique identifier value is case sensitive. If you need to move or recreate the corresponding LDAP entry, make sure to retain the case of the value as is. However, because the value is considered as case insensitive for LDAP comparisons, do not create a unique identifier value for another user or resource entry by just changing the case of the value.


davUniqueId: 426dfa81-3ec811e0-808bb160-e71a5247