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Updated in release:

The debugkeys option (available under base, mmp, imapproxy, popproxy, and vdomain) specifies a space-separated list of keywords used to enable various optional debugging facilities. Currently recognized keywords are listed in the table below.

Keywords for debugkeys option value
Keyword Function
archive log diagnostics for imapd archiving interface
authserv log auth server protocol communications (new in 7.0.5)
bind log additional details about some TCP socket bind attempts
certmap log debug-level details about certificate mapping operations used for client certificate authentication (new in 7.0.5)
connect log additional details about some TCP connection attempts (more coverage in 7.0.5)
dkim diagnostics for built-in DKIM signing (new in
dkimsig perform an extra sanity check for built-in DKIM signing (new in that is slower but may produce better diagnostics.
dkhash log information about exactly how the DKIM hash is computed, including message content (may have privacy concerns).
dkimkey log parsed DKIM private keys used for signing (may have privacy concerns).
dnsrbl diagnostics for MMP DNS RBL function in main MMP log file (new in
enssub enable logging of ENS subscribe/unsubscribe events at notice level (new in 8.0)
gdisp help diagnose generic dispatcher API issues
gdwork GDisp worker thread information
gdcvar GDisp condition variables (not presently used by the MMP).
eventloop Log GDisp event loop statistics. May be helpful to diagnose performance problems (new in
http Log http transcripts related to Elasticsearch and ISC. (new in
hula log state changes in HULA (user lookup / authentication, new in 7.0.5)
ldap log an LDAP directory protocol trace (replaces the now deprecated ldaptrace base option)
lpool log ldap connection activity (mostly INFO & DEBUG level, new in 7.0.5); for MTA output, see also the os_debug MTA option
maparse Diagnostics for IMAP mail access parser (new in 8.0). The set of IMAP commands this covers presently includes APPEND, STORE, SETMETADATA, SEARCH, ESEARCH, SORT, THREAD. Additional commands will be added over time. This is refreshable.
metermaid log transcript of metermaid client used to limit IMAP password expiration alerts (new in 7.0.5)
perf log performance-related timestamps particularly with respect to MMP authentication
search log IMAP search and sort command processing at DEBUG level (new in 7.0.5)
tls enable additional SSL/TLS debugging (presently just lists active cipher suites in the MMP log)
unicodembox enable debugging for unicode normalization of mailbox names (new in MS 8.0.2)

Use with base

The debugkeys base option specifies a space-separated list of keywords used to enable various optional debugging facilities; see Keywords That May Be Included in debugkeys Option Value.

Note that the SMTP server's AUTH_DEBUG TCP/IP-channel-specific option can override debugkeys for SMTP server authentication purposes.

For Message Store and other non-MTA processes, setting a relevant debugkey will enable NOTICE-level logging in the logfile for that process. The MTA has a different logging model and requires two additional settings to see debugging associated with a debugkey. First, MTA debug log files must be enabled (via master_debug, slave_debug, or the equivalent finer-grained mechanism). Second, it's necessary to set mta.mm_debug to a value of at least 3 for the DKIM-related debugkeys or to set mta.os_debug to 1 for the LDAP and authentication-related debugkeys.

See also:

See also: