Defragment, nodefragment Channel Options

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Automatic defragmentation of message/partial messages (defragment, nodefragment)

The MIME standard provides the message/partial content type for breaking up messages into smaller parts. This is useful when messages have to traverse networks with size limits. Information is included in each part so that the message can be automatically reassembled once it arrives at its destination.

The defragment channel option and the defragmentation channel provide the means to reassemble messages in the MTA. When a channel is marked defragment any message/partial messages queued to the channel will be placed in the defragmentation channel queue instead. Once all the parts have arrived the message is rebuilt and sent on its way.

The nodefragment disables this special processing. nodefragment is the default.

A defragment channel must be present in the configuration in order for the defragment channel option to have any effect. Initial configuration normally includes a defragment channel in the MTA configuration.

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