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Defragmentation-channel-specific option: MAX_PARTS (10 <= integer <= 100,000)

New in Messaging Server 7.4-18.01, the defragmentation channel supports, (in addition to the usual channel options), one defragmentation-channel-specific option, MAX_PARTS. MAX_PARTS specifies the maximum number of fragments a message can be broken into and still be reassembled. The maximum is 100,000; the minimum is 10; the default is 1000.

This defragmentation-channel-specific option would be set in legacy configuration in a channel-specific option file, IMTA_TABLE:defragment_option, or in Unified Configuration is set under the channel's options option. For instance:

msconfig> set channel:defragment.options.MAX_PARTS 500

Note that in Unified Configuration such channel-specific options are not (currently) schema checked: be careful when setting them as msconfig will not warn of invalid values or syntax as it would for regular channel options! (Nor will msconfig show whether or not such channel-specific options have any default value.)

In legacy configuration, where an option file is used, such an option file must be named defragment_option, and stored in the MTA table directory.

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