Defragmentation channel configuration

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A defragmentation channel is normally generated as part of an initial configuration.

In legacy configuration, the defragmentation channel definition consists of a channel entry, at its most minimal perhaps merely:


or as of 8.0:

defragment receivedstate "convert/defragment" 

and rewrite rules of the form:

defragment                $U@defragment.localhostname@defragment-daemon 
defragment.localhostname  $U@defragment.localhostname@defragment-daemon 

where localhostname should be replaced by the name of the local host.

In Unified Configuration, the equivalent would be:

msconfig> show channel:defragment.* = defragment-daemon
msconfig> show rewrite.rule * defragment*
role.rewrite.rule = defragment $
role.rewrite.rule = defragment.&/IMTA_HOST/ $

(with being replaced by a site's own domain name).

Once such a defragment channel and rewrite rules are in the configuration, then an address of the form


will be routed through the defragmentation channel. (Sending anything other than a message/partial message to the defragmentation channel causes the channel to simply requeue the message for normal delivery.)

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