Deployment map role rewrites

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Deployment map role-specific rewrites, $/, $|

As of the MS 8.0.2 release, it is possible to have rewrite rules whose application is dependent on the role of a host in the current deployment map.

Deployment map role rewrite checking is triggered by the presence of a $/ or $| control sequence in the template part of a rule. The characters following the $C or $Q, up until either an at sign, @, percent sign, %, subsequent channel, domain, or TLD check, or an error message $?, is should be of the form "host|role", where host is a host name and role is a role pattern.

A $/channel control sequence causes the rule to fail if the host host is not in the deployment map or it's role doesn't match the role pattern role. $|host|role causes the rule to fail if the role pattern matches the host's role in the deployment map.

Normally the host specification will itself be some sort of substitution, e.g. $H$D, $H, or $D. The exact form will depend on the desired effect as well as the form of the rewrite rule pattern.

The role pattern can contain glob-style wildcards.

Multiple $/ and $| clauses may be specified. If any one of multiple $/ clauses matches, the rule will succeed. If any of multiple $| clauses matches, the rule will fail.

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