Direct LDAP MTA options

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In modern configurations, provisioning of mail domains, and provisioning of users, mail groups, and mail lists -- aliases from the MTA's point of view -- is typically done in LDAP. This is sometimes referred to as "Direct LDAP" provisioning or "Direct LDAP" aliases, in contrast to the older style of having MTA rewrite rules keep track of "local" domains, and storing aliases for users in those domains in the MTA alias file or MTA alias database and the MTA reverse database.

There are many MTA options for controlling the many aspects of so-called "Direct LDAP" domain and alias lookups, that range from those controlling the basics of connnecting to LDAP, to basics of the LDAP schema and DIT layout, to tweaking the interpretation of LDAP attributes, to specifying the names of the LDAP attributes of interest (re-vectoring LDAP attribute names to allow use of any semantically-compatible schema), including some attributes fetched upon successful authentication, to details of looking up domains in LDAP, then in such domains details of looking up users in LDAP, and finally caching LDAP lookup results.

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