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The Dispatcher has a number of options, settable either at the Dispatcher top level (hence affecting overall Dispatcher operation or becoming a default for Dispatcher services), or settable under specific Dispatcher services (hence applying only to that service). E.g.,

msconfig> set dispatcher.debug 7
msconfig# set dispatcher.min_procs 2
msconfig# set dispatcher.service:SMTP.min_procs 3

In legacy configuration mode, Dispatcher options are set in the dispatcher.cnf file.

Generally, the Dispatcher must be restarted in order for its option changes to take effect.

When the dispatcher.use_nslog option has been enabled, see also the logfile options set as dispatcher.logfile.*.

In addition to the substantial number of Dispatcher options relevant to modern configurations, the Dispatcher also has a very large number of older options of only historical interest nowadays (such as those for setting various OpenVMS process quotas), listed under Old Dispatcher options.

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