DomainUidSeparator LDAP Attribute

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directory string (UTF-8), single-valued


This attribute is used only for LDAP Schema 1.

This attribute is used by the messaging server to override the default mailbox (MB) home. When present, this attribute specifies that compound user identifications (UID's) are used in this domain and this attribute specifies the separator. For instance, if + is the separator, the mailbox names in this domain are obtained by replacing the right most occurrence of + in the uid with @. To map an internal mailbox name to the UID, the right most occurrence of @ is replaced with a + in the mailbox name.

While substitution of an @ for the UID separator is sufficient to generate a mailbox name, this may not be the same as any of the user's actual email addresses.

Note: Format of internal mailbox names is uid@domain, where "domain" is DNS domain mapping to the namespace. The only exception to this rule is mailbox names for users in default domain where only the uid is used to construct internal mailbox names. See inetCanonicalDomainName on how the default value of domain name used can be overridden in specific cases.

The MTA option used to override this attribute's value is LDAP_DOMAIN_ATTR_UID_SEPARATOR.


domainUIDSeparator: #