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TCP/IP-channel-specific options: FAST_SMTP_SESSION_TIME_LIMIT (integer)

This SMTP server option controls the time threshold for whether or not to create a *.data-failed file in cases where the SMTP connection has aborted (for instance, due to an SMTP client timing out) after the MTA SMTP server has received the final "." terminating the data, but before the MTA has acknowledged receipt with a "250 2.5.0 Ok" message. If the transaction (message transfer) has taken more than this amount of time, in seconds, then normally (see the REUSE_TIMED_OUT_TRANSFERS TCP/IP-channel-specific option) a *.data-failed file will be created in such cases where the MTA has not been able to successfully send back its acknowledgement of receipt of the message. If a transaction has taken less than the specified amount of time, in seconds, then a *.data-failed file will not be created. The default is 30.

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