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Sieve filter fileinto action channel options (fileinto, nofileinto)

The fileinto channel option, currently only especially meaningful for channels delivering into the Messaging Server Message Store (that is, ims-ms and tcp_lmtpc* channels), specifies how to alter an address when a Sieve filter "fileinto" action is applied. nofileinto is the default, and means that a Sieve filter "fileinto" action has no address-modifying meaning for that destination channel.

For ims-ms channels, the usual usage is

fileinto $U+$S@$D

meaning that the folder name should be inserted as a subaddress into the original address, replacing any originally present subaddress. (The default value for the FILEINTO ims-ms-channel-specific option then results in the ims-ms channel interpreting that subaddress as a request for folder delivery.)

For tcp_lmtpc* channels, the usual usage is

fileinto @$4O:$U+$S@$D

(where note that in $4O the O is the capital or majuscule letter "o", not the numeral zero 0). The effect is that the explicit source route to the mailhost should be preserved if present, and the foldername should be inserted as a subaddress into the original address, replacing any originally present subaddress.

The Message Store delivery code normally considers any "trusted" subaddress present on a recipient address as a request to deliver directly into the correspondingly named folder. (This can be overridden for the ims-ms channel by disabling the FILEINTO ims-ms-channel-specific option.) Application of the fileinto channel option also sets a bit in the message envelope that means that for Message Store delivery "trust this subaddress as a folder name for delivery purposes". So when the fileinto channel option is applied on an ims-ms channel or a tcp_lmtpcs* channel, subaddresses added due to a Sieve filter "fileinto" action will cause folder delivery. Note that unless a subaddress has been added/replaced due to such a Sieve "fileinto" action and the fileinto channel option's resulting setting of the proper message envelope bit, any other subaddress will not normally be considered as a valid request for folder delivery---not unless the IMAP post ACL (RFC 4314, IMAP4 Access Control List (ACL) Extension) has been set on that folder in the Message Store.

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