Forwarding via user LDAP attributes

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To forward the mail of a user provisioned in LDAP, the most straightforward approach is to set the value forward as a value of the user's mailDeliveryOption LDAP attribute, and then set one or more mailForwardingAddress LDAP attributes on the user entry with each having a value consisting of an address to which to forward the user's mail. (Note that the mentioned value "forward"and these mentioned LDAP attributes are configurable via MTA options: see the delivery_options, ldap_delivery_option, and ldap_forwarding_address MTA options, respectively.)

Note that forwarding a user's mail, and delivering the mail locally, are not mutually exclusive options: a user may have multiple values of mailDeliveryOption.

The questions of whether or not forwarded messages should be subject to "carryover" Sieve scripts and/or "opt in" to spam/virus filter package processing are controllable via the sieve_user_carryoveroptin_user_carryover MTA options.

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