General_database_url MTA option

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Memcache/Redis MTA options: general_database_url (memcache:/redis: URL)

The value of the general_database_url MTA option should be either a fully specified memcache: or (as of MS 8.1) a fully specified redis:URL for storing general database data. For example, the URL "memcache://" specifies that memcache protocol should be used to connect to on the default memcache port. Note that in the case of Redis the host to connect to is always given by the redis.hostlist option, so the URL is always "redis:///".

Note that the general_database_url option will only be consulted if bit 0 (value 1) of the use_text_databases MTA option is clear (not set); setting use_text_databases to a value subsuming 1 causes any setting of general_database_url to be ignored.

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