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Some special option files may be associated with a channel that describe how to trim the headers on messages either enqueued to, or enqueued by, that channel. This facility is completely general and may be applied to any channel; it is controlled by the headertrim, noheadertrim, innertrim, noinnertrim, headerread, and noheaderread channel options.

Various MTA channels have their own channel-level option files as well. Header option files have a different format than other MTA option files and thus a header option file is always a separate file.

Note that the test -header utility with its -option switch can be used to test the effects of header trimming option files.

As of MS 6.3, note that the Sieve "editheader" extension provides an alternate way to alter header lines. While header trimming may be a simpler approach for performing simple changes, the Sieve "editheader" approach is more powerful in some respects such as allowing changes to specific, unrecognized-by-the-MTA, header lines, or alterations of the values on header lines.

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