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The initial configuration generated during an install generates a hold channel. The channel definition and basic rewrite rules would normally appear as

msconfig> show channel:hold
role.channel:hold.official_host_name = hold-daemon
msconfig> show rewrite * *hold*
role.rewrite.rule = hold-daemon $U%$H@hold-daemon
role.rewrite.rule = .hold-daemon $U%$H@hold-daemon

Or in legacy configuration:


and rewrite rules appearing as

hold-daemon $U%$H@hold-daemon 
.hold-daemon $U%$H@hold-daemon 

Note that as of MS 6.0, the hold "channel" is in fact merely a variant (same image, but run as a different channel) of the reprocess channel. In particular, the Job Controller configuration should include:

msconfig> show job_controller.channel_class:hold
role.job_controller.channel_class:hold.master_command = IMTA_BIN:reprocess

Or in legacy configuration, the Job Controller configuration file, normally job_controller.cnf, should contain a definition:


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