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The hosteddomains option (available under mmp, imapproxy, popproxy, and vdomain) specifies whether the MMP should use Hosted Domains. The default is 1, meaning that Hosted Domains are supported. If hosteddomains is set to 0, then the value of the searchfordomain authentication option controls the behavior during user authentication lookups.

If you are using the Messaging Server directory schema (LDAP Schema, v1 or LDAP Schema, v2), hosteddomains should be set to the default value of 1

If set to 0, then the MMP assumes the server supports only one domain and the ugldapbasedn option points to a directory subtree containing all users supported by the server, each user with a unique UID. Setting hosteddomains to "0" is not recommended as even a small company is likely to eventually go through a name change or acquisition where support for multiple domains would be helpful.

When set to 1, the MMP honors the following additional options (for legacy configuration, these appear in the MTA's option.dat configuration file):


These settings may be used to enable LDAP Schema, v2 with the MMP.

The default value is: 1

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