ICAP spamfilterN_config_file

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When using ICAP, a spamfilterN_config_file MTA option might be set as

msconfig> set mta.spamfilter4_config_file IMTA_TABLE:icap.dat

With ICAP, the file that a spamfilterN_config_file MTA option names may contain the following options:

  • DEBUG (integer; default 0)
  • TIMEOUT (integer; default 3600)
  • SOCKS_HOST (string)
  • SOCKS_PORT (integer; default 1800)
  • SOCKS_USERNAME (string)
  • HOST (string or IP address); this option is required (a value must be set)
  • PORT (integer; default 1344)
  • MODE (integer; default 0)
  • FIELD (string; default "Virus-Test")
  • VERDICT (string)

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