IcsDWPHost LDAP Attribute

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IA5 string (ASCII), single-valued
Object Classes
icsCalendarGroup icsCalendarResource icsCalendarUser


Stores a DWP host name so that the calendar ID can be resolved to the Database Wire Protocol (DWP) server that stores the calendar and its data. When the calendar database is distributed across several back end servers, the attribute value is the DNS name of the back-end server hosting the user, group, or resource. Each user's, group's, or resource's entire calendar will be on a single back---end server. Required if using the Calendar Lookup Database (CLD). Used by Calendar Server 6 but not Calendar Server 7.

This attribute is required if the Calendar installation is using DWP to distribute calendar data across back end calendar data servers. If DWP is not being used, every user's calendar will be found on the same host as the calendar server. If an installation initially does not use DWP, but later switches to it, the calendar server will fill in this value based on the default DWP host name found in the domain entry. If there is no value or such entry (calendar server is not in hosted domain mode) then the value will be picked up from the ics.conf configuration file.