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directory string (UTF-8)
Object Classes
icsCalendarUser sunUCPreferences


Extensions for calendar user preferences. The attribute value is a property-value pair. The following are the properties and their values. Primarily used in Calendar Express. Used by Calendar Server 6 but not Calendar Server 7.

Extended User Preferences
Properties Values Description
ceAllCalendarTZIDS a standard time zone Time zone TZID for this calendar.
ceClock 12, 24 Defines whether a 12 or 24 hour clock is used.
ceColorSet pref_group1 pref_group2 pref_group3 pref_group4 pref_group7 Defines which of the five UI color schemes to use.
ceDateOrder M/D/Y D/M/Y Y/M/D Determines the display order of the three date elements: month (M), day (D), and year (Y) .
ceDateSeparator Any single printable character. For example: / or - The single character used to delimit displayed date elements. For example, a date can be delimited with a /, such as 12/22/2002, or with a -, such as 12-22-2002.
ceDayHead 0--23 Start time hour (expressed as one of 24 hours in a day) for displaying calendar information.
ceDayTail 0--23 End time hour (expressed as one of 24 hours in a day) for displaying calendar information.
ceDefaultAgenda unused Not currently implemented.
ceDefaultAlarmEmail email addresses separated by white space Email Addresses event alarms sent to.
ceDefaultAlarmStart P[unit count][unit type] Amount of time before the event an alarm should be sent. Where unit count is any numeric value, and unit type is either M (minutes), H (hours), or D (days). For example: P10M
ceDefaultTZID one of standard time zones For a list of time zones, see Standard Time Zones. Time zone to use when a calendar does not have one assigned to it.
ceDefaultView dayview weekview monthview yearview groupview View to be presented at log in. If this parameter is not present, overview is used as the default.
ceExludeSatSun boolean (0, 1) Calendars don't display if the value is set to 1. Default is the value set to 0.
ceFontFace One of these values:
  1. Times New Roman, Times, serif
  2. Courier New, Courier, noon
  3. PrimaSans BT, Verdana, sans-serif
Three choices of font face to be used in the user interface.
ceFontSizeDelta pref_font_size_group_2 (normal)
pref_font_size_group_1 (larger)
pref_font_size_group_3 (smaller)
Defines three font sizes for the user interface. In the interface they are defined as:normal, larger, smaller.
ceGroupInviteAll boolean (0, 1) When creating an invitation while viewing a group, invite all calendars in the group when the value is set to 1; default is 1.
ceInterval PT0H15M
Defines the time interval to be used when displaying calendar information. Intervals are: 15 min., 30 min., 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours.
ceNotifyEmail any valid RFC 822 email address Email address notifications are mailed to when the calendar receives an invitation to an event.
ceNotifyEnable 0,1 Enables/disables email notifications being sent when the calendar receives an invitation to an event.
0 = do not send notifications
1 = send notifications
ceSingleCalendarTZID any valid time zone
For a list of valid time zones, see Standard Time Zones.
Lists the time zone assigned to this calendar. If the parameter is not sent, the default time zone is used.
For example: America/Los_Angeles
ceToolImage 0,1 Toggle for the user interface display of icon images on the toolbar. 0 = do not display icons,1 = display icons (default)
ceToolText 0,1 Toggle for the user interface display of icon text on the toolbar.0 = do not display text with the icon 1 = display text with the icon (default)

Note: Regarding ceToolImage and ceToolText: the user interface only allows three possibilities for the toolbar: icons and text (attributes values 1, 1), icons only (attributes values 1, 0), and text only (attributes values 0, 1). It does not allow the user to turn off both icons and text (attributes values 0, 0).


icsextendeduserprefs: ceClock=12
icsextendeduserprefs: ceColorSet=pref_group_1
icsextendeduserprefs: ceDateOrder=D/M/Y
icsextendeduserprefs: ceDateSeparator=/
icsextendeduserprefs: ceDayHead=10
icsextendeduserprefs: ceDayTail=17
icsextendeduserprefs: ceDefaultAlarmEmail=jdoe@sesta.com
icsextendeduserprefs: ceDefaultAlarmStart=P30H
icsextendeduserprefs: ceDefaultTZID=America/New_York
icsextendeduserprefs: ceDefaultView=groupview
icsextendeduserprefs: ceFontFace=PrimaSans BT,Verdana,sans--serif
icsextendeduserprefs: ceFontSizeDelta=pref_font_size_group_3
icsextendeduserprefs: ceInterval=PT2H0M
icsextendeduserprefs: ceNotifyEmail=jdoe@sesta.com
icsextendeduserprefs: ceNotifyEnable=0
icsextendeduserprefs: ceSingleCalendarTZID=America/Los_Angeles
icsextendeduserprefs: ceToolText=1
icsextendeduserprefs: ceToolImage=1