Imexpire folder patterns

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imexpire folder patterns

Folder patterns can be specified using POSIX regular expressions, if the imexpire attribute regexp is set to 1. If the regexp attribute is not set (the default), IMAP expressions will be used. The format is that the folder pattern must start with user/, followed by a pattern. imexpire folder pattern examples shows the both formats of folder pattern for various folders.

imexpire folder pattern examples
Scope Folder patterns (regexp: 0) Folder patterns (regexp: 1)
Apply rule to all message in all folders of userid. user/userid/* user/userid.*
Apply to messages of userid in folder Sent. user/userid/Sent user/userid/Sent
Apply rule to entire Message Store. user/* user/.*
Apply rule to any folder named Trash, anywhere in any user's hierarchy. user/*/Trash user/.*/Trash
Apply rule to folders of users in hosted domain user/** user/.**
Apply rule to folders of users in the default domain. Not applicable user/[^@]*/.*

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