Ims-ms channel debugging and error logging

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Channel debugging output for the ims-ms channel goes to two (or three) places, the channel-name_master.log-⁠* file, and the imta file, which is an NSLOG file, and as of MS 6.2, if message tracing is enabled (if the messagetrace.activate option in Unified Configuration or the configutil parameter in legacy configuration is set to yes), then message tracing will also be written to the msgtrace file.

MTA processing debugging, including but not limited to the generation of nondelivery notifications, enabled for instance via the master_debug channel option, goes to a channel-name_master.log-* file. (Note that setting master_debug also forces the debug level controlled by ims-ms.options.DEBUG to at least 4, and as of MS 8.0.2, forces the mta.logfile.loglevel option setting to "debug".)

All ims-ms channel level processing goes to the imta file. In general, the level of detail recorded in the imta file is controlled by the mta.logfile.loglevel option in Unified Configuration or the configutil parameter logfile.imta.loglevel in legacy configuration; it can be set to any of the values critical, error, warning, notice, information, or debug.

In order for the debug output generated due to a non-zero DEBUG  ims-ms-channel-specific option setting (ims-ms.options.DEBUG in Unified Configuration, or DEBUG option in the in the ims-ms channel option file in legacy configuration) to in fact get included in the imta log file, mta.logfile.loglevel (Unified Configuration) or logfile.imta.loglevel (legacy configuration) must hence be set to debug.

As of the ims-ms.options.DEBUG option value defaults to 2. In earlier 8.0 versions the value is forced to 10 and the option setting is ignored. In 7.0.5 and earlier the default is 0, so either the channel-specific option or the master_debug channel option must be set in addition to mta.logfile.loglevel for debug output to appear.

A number of conditions can cause the ims-ms channel to fail to initialize. When this happens a critical error is sent to the imta file and the process exits with a nonzero status. Possible initialization failures include, but are not limited to:

PMDF_CHANNEL environment variable not defined
The PMDF_CHANNEL environment variable is used by the job controller to communicate the channel whose messages are to be processed. This error indicates that the variable is not set. This is usually an indication that the program has been run manually.
Failed to initialize the MTA
The MTA failed to initialized. This is usually the result of a configuration error of some sort
ims_master requires store.enable = 1
ims_master requires store.dbtype = "bdb"
inetu_uginit failed
The process was unable to initialize the LDAP client subsystem.
Failed to initialize the store API
The store failed to initialize. Additional errors may be logged providing more specific information

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