InetDomainAlias LDAP Object Class

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Object class type
Superior class
Required attributes


Structural class for creating domain alias entries in the DC Tree for the compatibility mode LDAP data model. Entries may be created that point at other hosted domain objects. Such domain alias entries must be extended by this object class. Attribute aliasedObjectName, inherited from the parent object class alias (see RFC 2256), holds the DN of the LDAP entry for which the node is an alias.

Use this object class when you want two identical domains with different names. If you want two domains that have different attribute settings, create two inetDomain entries and use the inetCanonicalDomainName attribute to decorate the domain to use for mail routing.

This object class is not used in the native mode LDAP data model. Instead, to show the aliases for a domain, the (Organization Tree) domain entry is extended by sunManagedOrganization and decorated with the businessCategory attribute.