InetDomainBaseDN LDAP Attribute

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distinguished name (DN), single-valued


In Schema 2, this attribute decorates index nodes configured to support multiple logical groupings that point to the same physical data. In Schema 1, the attribute decorates domain nodes on the DC Tree when in compatibility mode.

Schema 2

When your deployment comprises multiple logical groupings pointing to the same physical data, the directory may be configured to contain index nodes. Each index node must include the attribute inetDomainBaseDN; the attribute's value must point to the physical node under which the physical data is contained. The physical node must be decorated with the sunManagedOrganization object class.

Schema 1

Any two domains, the alias and the referenced domain, can have different attribute values, such that routing will differ between the two. If you want to ensure routing is the same, the attribute values of both domains must be identical.

DN of the organization's subtree where all user/group entries are stored. This attribute points to a valid Organization subtree DN. Messaging Server components using the RFC 2247 search (compatibility mode) must resolve this DN in order to search for user and group entries that correspond to the hosted organization.