InetDomain LDAP Object Class

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Object class type
Superior class
Allowed attributes
inetDomainBaseDN inetDomainStatus mailDomainUplevel mailDomainSourceConversionTag mailDomainOptin1 mailDomainOptin2 mailDomainOptin3 mailDomainOptin4 mailDomainOptin5 mailDomainOptin6 mailDomainOptin7 mailDomainOptin8 mailDomainNosolicit mailDomainAutoReplyTimeOut preferredMailHost mailDomainCatchallMapping mailDomainSourceMsgMaxBlocks mailDomainSourceChannel mailDomainMaxMsgRecipients mailDomainMaxMsgRecipientCutoff mailDomainDetourHostOptin mailDomainPrefixText mailDomainSuffixText mailDomainSenderSieve mailDomainCaptureAddress


Used in two-tree LDAP data models to extend the base entry created by domain in the DC Tree. It represents a hosted domain account and is used in conjunction with mailDomain or icsCalendarDomain, (and optionally inetDomainAuthInfo), for creating a hosted domain node in the DC Tree suitable for mail services for the hosted organization. This object class must be used for all hosted domain entries in the DC Tree. inetDomain is a Schema 1 only object class. In Schema 2, the sunManagedOrganization object class is used to create a domain.

Access Manager uses this as a marker class for domains in the DC Tree.