InetMailGroupStatus LDAP Attribute

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directory string (UTF-8), single-valued


Current status of a mail group. The following table lists the possible status values and gives a description of each:

inetMailGroupStatus Values
active Messages are delivered to the members of the mailing list.
inactive Messages sent to the mailing list result in a transient failure.
disabled Mailing list is disabled. Messages sent to the mailing list result in a permanent failure returned to the sending MTA with text specified by the ERROR_TEXT_DISABLED_GROUP MTA option. If option is not set, the message "group disabled; cannot receive new mail" will be used.
deleted Mailing list can be purged from the directory. Messages sent to the group return a permanent failure.

A missing value implies status is active. An illegal value is treated as inactive.

There are four status attributes that interact with each other: inetDomainStatus, mailDomainStatus, inetGroupStatus, and inetMailGroupStatus. These are considered in the order just given. The rule is: the first of these attributes that is set to something other than active takes precedence over all the others.

The MTA option LDAP_GROUP_STATUS can be used to specify a different attribute to be used for group status.

The MTA does not consider inetGroupStatus by default. If you want to have inetGroupStatus checked, you need to add to the MTA options something like:


You only need to specify LDAP_GROUP_STATUS, but if you are changing one of these settings from the default, it is worthwhile noting them all.