InetManagedGroup LDAP Object Class

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Object class type
Superior class
Required attributes
Allowed attributes
mnggrpDeletionPolicy mnggrpAdditionPolicy mnggrpBillableUser description mnggrpStatus mnggrpMaxUsers mnggrpCurrentUsers mnggrpMailQuota owner nsdaModifiableBy mnggrpUserClassOfServices mailSieveRuleSource mailSieveCollection mailMaxMsgRecipients mailMaxMsgRecipientCutoff mailSendMaxMsgBlocks mailSourceChannel mailOptin1 mailOptin2 mailOptin3 mailOptin4 mailOptin5 mailOptin6 mailOptin7 mailOptin8 mailSourceOptin1 mailSourceOptin2 mailSourceOptin3 mailSourceOptin4 mailSourceOptin5 mailSourceOptin6 mailSourceOptin7 mailSourceOptin8 mailDetourHostOptin mailApplyHOHControls mailHeadOfHouseholdDN mgrpURLResultMapping mgrpCheckHeader preferredCountry mailNosolicit mailSourceConversionTag mailAutoReplyAddresses mailAutoReplyMode mailAutoReplySubject mailAutoReplyText mailAutoReplyTextInternal mailAutoReplyTimeout mgrpListTag mailSenderSieve


Used to define a managed group. If a managed group is just a department or family group, then the structural class to use is top, but it can also be used to make a statically defined group (from groupOfUniqueNames) and make that a managed group.