InetResourceStatus LDAP Attribute

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directory string (UTF-8), single-valued
Object Classes


This is a global status for resources. It holds the current status of the resource: active, inactive, or deleted for all services. It is used by Access Manager to manage resources. Status changes can be made to a resource's status using the commcli interface, or by directly changing the LDAP entry for the group. The following table lists the attribute's values and their meanings:

Status Attribute Values
Value Description
active The resource is active and it may be used in services enabled by the overlay of service-specific object classes and the service state as indicated by the particular status attribute for that service.
inactive Resource is inactive. The resource may not be used in any services granted by service-specific object classes. This state overrides individual service status set using the service's status attributes.
deleted Resource is marked as deleted. The resource may remain in this state within the directory for some time (pending purging of deleted resources). Service requests for all resources marked as deleted will return permanent failures.

There are several status attributes that are evaluated to determine status. They are evaluated in this order: inetDomainStatus, icsStatus (for icsCalendarDomain), inetResourceStatus, icsStatus (for icsCalendarResource). The rule is: the first of these attributes that is set to something other than active takes precedence over all the others.


inetResourceStatus: active