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Introduced in release: 7 Update 1

When set to a value of 1, the ipv6out option instructs Messaging Server to attempt outbound IPv6 connections for all services provided that the host has at least one network interface configured for IPv6. Services specifically configured to bind their source IP address only to IPv4 interfaces cannot attempt IPv6 outbound connections. For example, an SMTP client bound to a specific IPv4 interface cannot then establish an outbound IPv6 connection. When set to a value of 0, outbound IPv6 connections are not allowed.

When set to a value of 1, outbound services will attempt DNS lookups of both A and AAAA records. Connection attempts will then be made in the order dictated by the ipv6sortorder option. Note the DNS lookups will always request A records. This option only controls whether or not AAAA records are also requested.

The default value is: 0

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