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A number of options affect Job Controller operation.

In Unified Configuration, Job Controller options are set using the msconfig utility. The option names are set and inspected under job_controller for options affecting overall/global Job Controller operation, or under job_controller.job_pool:pool-name for options affecting a specific, named pool, or under job_controller.channel_class:channel-name-prefix for options affecting a certain channel or type of channel; e.g.,

msconfig> show job_controller.tcp_ports
role.job_controller.tcp_ports = 27442
msconfig> show job_pool:DEFAULT.*
role.job_controller.job_pool:DEFAULT.job_limit = 10
msconfig> show channel_class:tcp*
role.job_controller.channel_class:tcp_*.master_command = IMTA_BIN:smtp_client

In legacy configuration mode, Job Controller options are set in the job_controller.cnf file.

Generally, the Job Controller must be restarted in order for its option changes to take effect. But as restarting the Job Controller is undesirable, tends to degrade performance, and should be avoided in operation except when truly necessary, the imsimta cache -change utility provides a means to change the effective values for certain, especially operationally relevant, Job Controller options "on the fly", without requiring a Job Controller restart.

When the job_controller.use_nslog option has been enabled, see also the logfile options set as job_controller.logfile.*.

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