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Default language tag (language)

Certain MTA operations, especially those involving selection of textual content to send to users, may need to take language into account. For example, nondelivery notification text may be available in multiple languages and the NOTIFICATION_LANGUAGE mapping and DISPOSITION_LANGUAGE mapping can be used to select the appropriate language to use. The MTA also supports use (and selection amongst) language-tagged values for various mailAutoReply* LDAP attributes used to construct vacation messages; see the discussion of the ldap_autoreply_subject and ldap_autoreply_text* MTA options in particular.

It is axiomatic that in order to make decisions based on language langage tagging information must be available. Normally this information is derived from the message being processed, e.g., from an Accept-language: header field, from a Preferred-language: header field, or even from the country code found in the From: address. However, not all messages contain such information.

The language channel option can be used to associaed a default language with a particular source channel. A single string argument is required specifying a language tag. Messages originating from this channel which aren't tagged in any other way will be effectively tagged with this value. The default is not to assume any language tag on a per-channel basis.

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