Ldap_add_tag MTA option

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Direct LDAP attribute name MTA options: ldap_add_tag (LDAP attribute name)

The ldap_add_tag MTA option specifies the name of a group LDAP attribute used to specify prefix text to insert on the Subject: header line of messages to this recipient/list, analogous to the alias_tag alias option, the [TAG] named mailing list parameter, or the effect of the Sieve addtag action.

As of MS 6.3, the vertical bar, |, character should not be used in the tag text; in previous versions, the space character should not have been used in tag text, as such use would interfere with the MTA's internal mechanisms for checking whether a tag was already present. As of Messaging Server 7.3, the MTA supports language-tagged values for the attribute named by ldap_add_tag, and will select amongst such according to the user's preferredLanguage value (more precisely, the value of the LDAP attribute named by the ldap_preferred_langauge MTA option).

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