Ldap_autoreply_addresses MTA option

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Direct LDAP attribute name MTA options: ldap_autoreply_addresses (LDAP attribute name)

The ldap_autoreply_addresses MTA option specifies the name of an LDAP attribute in which to store additional, recognized-for-vacation-message-purposes, versions of the recipient's address; there is no default (no pre-defined LDAP attribute for this purpose). (The MTA in principle allows this attribute on group/mailing list entries as well as on user entries, but the typical configuration of the delivery_options MTA option disables this support in the case of groups. Futhermore, the Sun schema does not, as distributed, define an attribute for this purpose. See the delivery_options MTA option for some discussion regarding enabling use of this attribute on group/mailing list entries.) If adding such an LDAP attribute to the schema, this is an attribute to consider making user self-modifiable (have an ACI set on it allowing user modification).

The attribute named by the ldap_autoreply_addresses MTA option takes multiple values specifying additional addresses to recognize as "one's own" for purposes of whether to generate a vacation message. That is, it is an analogue of the :addresses argument for the Sieve vacation action. As of MS 6.3-0.15, the MTA supports use of language-tagged values for the attribute named by ldap_autoreply_addresses.

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