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Direct LDAP attribute name MTA options: ldap_autoreply_text_internal (LDAP attribute name)

The ldap_autoreply_text_internal MTA option specifies the name of the user (or group) LDAP attribute which will store the vacation/autoreply text (the "reason" string) returned to all senders in the recipient's own domain. (The MTA in principle allows this attribute on group/mailing list entries as well as on user entries, but the typical configuration of the delivery_options MTA option disables this support in the case of groups. Futhermore, the Sun schema does not, as distributed, allow this attribute on group/mailing list entries. See the delivery_options MTA option for some discussion regarding enabling use of this attribute on group/mailing list entries.) If the recipient's LDAP entry does not have a value specified for this attribute, then internal users receive the external vacation text, stored in the ldap_autoreply_text MTA option.

The schema sets an ACI on the default attribute, mailAutoReplyTextInternal, to allow user modification.

As of MS 6.2-2.01, the special strings $SUBJECT and $FROM are supported for use in this attribute's value, causing substitution of the original message's Subject: field value or From: field value, respectively, into the generated body text string.

New in MS, substitutions from the vacationStartDate and vacationEndDate are also also available. These substitutions take the form $<attribute><part> where $<attribute> is "B" for the start (beginning) date or "E" for the end date, and <part> is one of the date parts defined in RFC 5260 section 4.2. So for example, the string $EDATE" would substitute in the end date in YYYY-MM-DD format. These substitution strings are treated as regular text if the corresponding attribute is not defined or is set to an invalid value.

Note that new in MS 6.3-0.15, the MTA supports the use of multiple, language-tagged values, for this attribute;. When multiple, language-tagged values are present, the MTA will preferentially use the value tagged as being in the language preference expressed in a header line such as Accept-Language:, or in the absence of such header lines the MTA's next choice will be the value tagged as being in the language of the envelope From user's ldap_preferred_language (normally preferredLanguage) attribute's value.)

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