Ldap_default_domain MTA option

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Direct LDAP attribute interpretation options: ldap_default_domain (string)

The ldap_default_domain MTA option specifies the domain name that is recognized and interpreted as the default domain by the MTA. In legacy configuration, this option, if set, overrides the configutil parameter service.defaultdomain. In Unified Configuration, this option, if set, overrides (for MTA purposes) the base level defaultdomain option -- but it would be more normal/preferable to only set defaultdomain so that all components of Messaging Server have a consistent choice of default domain.

In particular, in delivery_options substitutions, the canonical domain name for the domain in which a user is located is compared against the ldap_default_domain value. If they match, then substitutions such as $I will not insert a domain name; that is, ldap_default_domain is the domain name for which (in typical configurations) usernames will be left "bare" when constructing a mailbox.

The ldap_default_domain also specifies the domain name that preferentially will be returned for Sieve environment "domain" tests; if it is not set, then the MTA falls back to the received_domain if set, or otherwise the official hostname of the L channel.

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