Ldap_domain_attr_optinN MTA options

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Direct LDAP attribute name MTA options: ldap_domain_attr_optinN (LDAP attribute name list)

For values of N=1--8 (N=1--4 new in MS 6.2, N=5--8 new in MS 6.3-0.15), the ldap_domain_attr_optinN MTA option names a domain LDAP attribute used to store the fact and specific "opt-in" value string that recipients in the domain are "opted-in" to filtering performed by spam/virus filter package package N. ldap_domain_attr_optin is a synonym for ldap_domain_attr_optin1.

The ldap_optinN MTA options provide analogous per-user (rather than per-domain) opt-in capability.

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