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Direct LDAP attribute name options: ldap_optinN (list of LDAP attribute names)

The ldap_optinN, N=1,...,8, MTA options may be used to name user or group LDAP attributes whose presence in an entry normally (but see the spamfilterN_null_optin MTA options) causes messages addressed to that user or group to be "opted-in" for spam/virus filter package processing (by spam/virus filter package N), with the opt-in value specified by the value of the attribute.

See also the ldap_source_optinN MTA options, which serve an analogous purpose for messages coming from a user or group.

These MTA options have no default, though the Schema Reference Manual (back in the days where it was assumed that at most one spam/virus filter package would be used) suggested using an LDAP attribute named mailAntiUBEService. The mailAntiUBEService attribute is defined in the schema. If you will be using multiple spam/virus filter packages and wish to have distinct attributes for the different spam/virus filter packages, you may define new attributes modelled on mailAntiUBEService, perhaps using suggestive attribute names corresponding to their function, e.g., milterOptin, etc..

For aliases defined via an alias option, the analogous option is alias_optinN; or for aliases defined in the alias file, the analogous setting is the Alias file named parameter [OPTINn].

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