Ldap_optoutN MTA options

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Direct LDAP attribute name options: ldap_optoutN (list of LDAP attribute names)

The ldap_optoutN, N=1,...,8, MTA options may be used to name user or group LDAP attributes whose presence in an entry normally (but see the spamfilterN_null_optin MTA options) causes messages addressed to that user or group to be "opted-out" of spam/virus filter package processing (by spam/virus filter package N).

Note that the scope of opt-outs only extends to the immediate expansion values of the LDAP entry - if the entry expands to another alias that alias will not honor the outer level opt-out.

These MTA options have no default.

For aliases defined via an alias option, the analogous option is alias_optinN; or for aliases defined in the alias file, the analogous setting is the Alias file named parameter [OPTOUTn].

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