Ldap_remove_header MTA option

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Direct LDAP attribute name MTA options: ldap_remove_header (LDAP attribute name)

The ldap_remove_header MTA option specifies the name of a group LDAP attribute, by default mgrpRemoveHeader, whose value specifies header lines to remove from postings to the group or list.

See also the ldap_add_header MTA option, for adding header lines to postings to the group or list.

For groups or lists defined via alias file or alias database (legacy configuration) or alias options (Unified Configuration), see instead the [HEADER_TRIM] alias file named parameter or alias_header_trim alias option, respectively.

Use of mgrpRemoveHeader (or whatever LDAP attribute is named by ldap_remove_header) is a very simple approach when unconditional removal of certain header lines is desired. For more complex requirements, consider setting a Sieve filter on the group or list (see the ldap_filter MTA option) that makes use of the Sieve editheader extension.

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