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Direct LDAP attribute name MTA option: ldap_reprocess (LDAP attribute name)

The ldap_reprocess MTA option specifies the name of a user or group LDAP attribute which will control whether alias expansion of the entry is deferred to the reprocess channel vs. being performed immediately (in-line). The default is mailDeferProcessing. The value of the attribute overrides the MTA's general default controlled by the defer_group_processing MTA option.

Valid values for the LDAP attribute named by ldap_reprocess include: "Yes", "No", or (new in MS 6.3p1) "AFTER_AUTH". "AFTER_AUTH" causes LDAP attributed based access checks, such as mgrpAllowedBroadcaster, etc.., to get performed "in-line", while deferring membership expansion (as well as a second check of the LDAP attribute based access checks) to the reprocess channel. New in Messaging Server 7.0u3, it is also valid to specify as the attribute's value a channel name (e.g., "process_special" or the name of some similar, special, reprocess_* or process_* channel variant), and in this case the group or list expansion will be deferred to the specified channel.

For several examples of use of the attribute named by ldap_reprocess, see the discussion of Moderated mailing lists.

For aliases defined in Unified Configuration via alias options, see alias_reprocess. Or for aliases defined in legacy configuration in the alias file, see the [REPROCESS] alias file named parameter.

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