Ldap_source_optinN MTA options

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Direct LDAP attribute name MTA options: ldap_source_optinN for N=1--8 (LDAP attribute name)

(New in MS 6.3-0.15) The ldap_source_optinN MTA options specify, respectively, the names of user/group LDAP attributes used to select "opt in" to spam/virus filter package N, N=1--8. These MTA options have no default (no pre-defined LDAP attribute for the purpose). If it is desired to have "opt in" for the messages a user sends, just the same as for the messages a user receives, then both ldap_source_optinN and ldap_optinN could be set to the same LDAP attribute.

The LDAP attributes named by ldap_source_optinN are the sending user analogues of ldap_optinN. In particular, the presence in a user entry of the LDAP attribute named by ldap_source_optinN normally (but see the spamfilterN_null_optin MTA options) causes messages sent from that user to be "opted-in" for spam/virus filtering via the spam/virus filter package N, with the "opt-in" value specified by the value of the LDAP attribute.

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