Ldap_suffix_text MTA option

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Direct LDAP attribute name MTA options: ldap_suffix_text (LDAP attribute name)

The ldap_suffix_text MTA option specifies the name of a group LDAP attribute, by default mgrpMsgSuffixText, to be used to store text to be inserted into messages posted to the group or list.

This suffix text from the LDAP attribute named by mgrpMsgSuffixText is inserted into messages as they undergo group expansion. Prior to Messaging Server 7.0-3.01, text could only be inserted into initial, TEXT/PLAIN parts; new in Messaging Server 7.0-3.01, text can be inserted into the first text part within a nested multipart (excluding multipart/alternative). The attribute values are stored in LDAP in UTF-8; this is then converted by the MTA to match the charset of the part that the text is inserted into.

Support for HTML suffix text, insertion of text into text/html parts, and processing multiple parts in multipart/alternative was added in MS 8.0. As of MS control over the HTML attributes on the inserted text is also possible; see the suffix_text_attr MTA option for details.

For users defined via alias options, see instead the alias_suffix_text alias option; or in legacy configuration alias file or alias database definitions, see the [SUFFIX_TEXT] alias file named parameter. Also see the addsuffix Sieve action.

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