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Updated in release: 7.0.5

DEPRECATED as of 7.0.5: consider using ugldaphost, ugldapusessl, dcroot and ugldapbasedn instead.

The ldapurl option, available for the MMP, IMAP Proxy, and POP Proxy specifies an LDAP URL pointing to the top of the site's DC directory tree (used by schema 1), if hosteddomains is set to yes (default). If hosteddomains is set to no, then ldapurl points to a directory subtree containing all users supported by the server. Prior to 7.0.5, this option was needed for the MMP to operate correctly. For schema 2 support, the usergroupdn option must be set and is used instead of the path portion of this URL.

SSL (LDAPS) is supported, but the SSL configuration must also be correct, and SSL-enabled.

To enable failover, the host part of the URL may be a space-separated list of hosts. Be sure to enclose the entire URL in double-quotes if it contains a space. For example:

"ldap://ldap1.example.com ldap2.example.com/o=internet"

The default value is: ldap://localhost/o=internet

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