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Transaction logging MTA options: log_node (0 or 1; OpenVMS only until MS 6.3)

The log_node MTA option controls whether or not the node associated with the process generating an entry is saved in the mail.log file (and connection.log file, if a separate connection log file is used). This may be useful information when the MTA is running in a multi-node cluster.

A value of 1 enables node name logging. When the node name is logged, it will appear as the first field following the date and time stamps in log entries. In XML-compatible format (log_format set to 4), node logging, if enabled, appears as the no attribute. A value of 0 (the default) disables node name logging. (Note that on UNIX and Windows, prior to MS 6.3, the node name was always considered to be null, so on UNIX and Windows, attempting to set log_node to 1 merely resulted in an empty node field; i.e., an extra space after the time stamp in formats other than XML format. As of MS 6.3, if log_node is 1, then the MTA on UNIX will log the result of a gethostname call when that call found a value, or the "L" channel official host name, otherwise.)

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