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Transaction logging MTA options: log_queue_time (0-3)

(New in MS 6.3.) The log_queue_time MTA option controls whether "time in queue" information, measured in seconds, is included in MTA message transaction log records or LOG_ACTION mapping probes.

Bit 0/value 1, if set, enables such logging; having the bit clear disables such logging. As of MS 6.3P1, enabling XML format (log_format set to 4) causes the default for log_queue_time to be 1; with any other format, the default is 0, as in previous versions.

If logging is enabled, then the time that the message has been in this channel queue (the current system time minus the creation time at which this message file was generated as stored in the envelope information in the message file) will be logged after the optional log_connection bit 6 (value 64) application information. (In versions prior to 7.0.5, this made queue time the very last field logged. But some optional new fields added in 7.0.5 can appear after queue time.) Note that the final ordering is: log_filter field, log_reason field, log_diagnostics diagnostic field, log_remote_mta remote-MTA field, transport field (log_connection bit 5/value 32), application field (log_connection bit 6/value 64), queue time field. (Note that queue time is not a counted-length field; log_format set to 3 has no effect upon this field.) When log_format is set to 4 so that XML format is output, queue time logging, if enabled, appears in the qt attribute.

As of 6.3P1, setting bit 0/value 1 of log_queue_time also enables logging of connection time information in "O" (time to open conection), "Y" (time spent before open failure), and "C" (time connection was open) connection log records. If XML format logging is enabled this information appears in the ct attribute.

New in 7.0, the queue time field also contains meaningful (though slightly different in meaning) information on LMTP server back end hosts: there it represents how long the message transaction took (the time from start of the message transaction until message deposit into the store and acknowledgement back to the LMTP client). Also new in 7.0, setting log_queue_time to 1 will cause inclusion of a final field in MTA connection log O and Y records showing the time it took to open the connection, or fail to open a connection, respectively. (This is the time that it took from just before the MTA begins attempting any appropriate DNS lookups, until writing its connection log entry.)

New in 7.0-3.01, bit 1 (value 2), if set, causes queue time and/or connection time information to be included in LOG_ACTION mapping probes for both transaction and connection log records.

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