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Transaction logging MTA options: log_reason (0-3)

(New in MS 6.3.) The log_reason MTA option controls whether message rejection reason text is included in MTA message transaction log entries and LOG_ACTION mapping probes that correspond to a message rejection ("R" or "K" records).

Setting bit 0/value 1 enables such logging; clearing the bit disables such logging. As of MS 6.3P1, enabling XML format (log_format set to 4) causes the default for log_reason to be 1; with any other format, the default is 0, as in previous versions.

If logging is enabled, the reason text string will be logged just after the filter field (log_filter set to 1) and just before the SMTP delivery status (log_diagnostics SMTP diagnostic) field. In XML or JSON format (log_format set to 4 or 5, respectively), the reason logging, if enabled, appears as the re attribute.

Normally the re attribute only appears in XML or JSON format logs if there is reason information to log. As of MS, setting bit 2 (value 4) will cause the attribute to appear unconditionally.

New in 7.0-3.01, bit 1 (value 2), if set, causes reason information to be included in LOG_ACTION mapping probes.

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