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In legacy configuration, various MTA installation and operational parameters would be set in the MTA Tailor file (imta_tailor) of option settings. But with Unified Configuration, the MTA Tailor file is obsolete and no longer used.

Old MTA Tailor options that specified locations of MTA directories or names of MTA configuration files have typically been replaced by rationalized, consistent locations based off the installation main location and located via the SERVERROOT environment variable.

The SERVERROOT value in turn is used to construct the DATAROOT value (either /var/SERVERROOT or SERVERROOT/data) and CONFIGROOT value (either /var/SERVERROOT/config or SERVERROOT/config).

New in 8.0, the recipe language has a "get_path" function that takes as argument "server", "data", or "config", and returns a file path to the current server instance; e.g.:

msconfig> exec get_path "server"
> "/opt/sun/comms/messaging64"
msconfig> exec get_path "config"
> "/opt/sun/comms/messaging64/config"
msconfig> exec get_path "data"
> "/opt/sun/comms/messaging64/data"

As of Messaging Server 7.0.5, MTA Tailor options that determined the username and group of the MTA user and unprivileged user have been moved to the file restricted.cnf.

MTA Tailor options controlling some aspects of scheduling of MTA taskshave either been incorporated into values in Scheduler tasks, or replaced by various mta.option-name Unified Configuration options.

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