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A subset of the overall Messaging Server configuration options are the MTA options.

The mta.enable option enables startup of the MTA upon start-msg startup.

The MTA uses options to provide a means of overriding the default values of various parameters that apply to the MTA as a whole. Various MTA channels also have their own channel-level options. The general MTA options have the same format as MTA channel options but are otherwise distinct --- they apply to the MTA as a whole rather than being restricted in application to any specific channel.

In older versions of the MTA, such options were stored in the so-called MTA option file, normally named option.dat. So the MTA options are also sometimes referred to as "option.dat options".

A variety of configuration options are controlled by MTA options. In particular, some MTA options establish sizes of the various internal, in-memory tables into which the remainder of the configuration --- the channel definitions, mapping tables, conversion entries, etc. --- are read.

Additional discussions of MTA options include:

See also the umask Message Store option, which affects more than only Message Store files.

In contrast to MTA options, which typically modify fundamental aspects of overall MTA operation, another important category of option modifying MTA operation more specificially at the channel level is that of channel options. Note that MTA options and channel options are mostly distinct, as they mostly modify qualitatively different aspects of operation; however, there are some cases where an MTA option establishes a general default for all channels, which a channel option may then override on a per-channel basis.

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